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Jamie Leone - Cool Ya (Live On A Log)

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Jamie Leone was on the lineup for No Front Fences this year, and we were able to steal her away for a few hours on the Saturday morning for a song in the bush.

When asked about how “Cool Ya”, came about, she told us “it came together really quickly, it was supposed to just be about not being able to cheer up my boyfriend, but it ended up being a song about banging" [laughs]

"I’m scared to tell the world anything! But also maybe that’s why I like this song, because I’m a really shy person and singing it makes me feel a little bit more powerful."

Quickly developing a name for herself, Jamie Leone has won the hearts of the underground Canberra music scene with her own unique blend of laid back indie soul, and has played alongside acts such as Lincoln LeFevre, Kial Malone, Moaning Lisa and Tom Lee Richards to name but a few.

Jamie is also on the lineup of a new band called Plastic Plants, playing keys alongside some other local legends. Check them out!!

Check out Jamie's Facebook here.

The Live On A Log team are: Adam Thomas (Camera) Alix Bateup (Camera / Stills) Myles Wrigley (Audio) Joel Cabban (Camera/Post)

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