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Cathy Diver - Watertight - Live On A Log

Photography by Matthew Hunt

After years working towards the top of the Canberra folk music scene, and supporting the likes of Fraser A Gorman and Bob Evans under the Lowlands guise, playing in multiple bands across Canberra, and winning back to back "Live Voice of the Year" NLMA awards in 2017 and 18, Cathy Diver has released her latest single "Watertight" last month.

Featuring wandering cello line, keys, slide guitar, and Moaning Lisa's Hayley Manwaring on backing vocals, Watertight packs enough country punch to steer away from the mainstream, while the songwriting keeps us close, longing for the resolution of an ever popular story of love, loss, and reminiscing on simpler times.

Get the single here, follow on facebook and instagram, or watch the live version below featuring Joel on cello, and Tim on guitar.

The Live On A Log team are: 

Alix Bateup

Myles Wrigley

Adam Thomas

Joel Cabban

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