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Knifey Spoony - A Song About People - Live on A Log

Hailing from Newcastle NSW, Knifey Spoony pack more folk punk into this little two piece than any other in the country! With a classic bush-punk poetic style, Tarrant's acoustic guitar and harmonica vibes, all filled up with the upbeat brassy notes of Dom's Euphonium, and vocal harmonies for good measure.

Knifey Spoony carry these elements into "A Song About People," asking why society deems it normal for the big supermarkets to throw away food they can’t sell at premium prices.

They’re basically the Robin Hoods of the current day folk punk scene.

Check out Knifey Spoony on facebook | bandcamp

The Live On A Log team are: 

Alix Bateup

Myles Wrigley

Adam Thomas

Joel Cabban

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