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Hailing from the nation's capital, Indigenous, political punks Sketch Method are back storming the scene with their ferocious sound.
With fast chromatic riffs coupled with melodic choruses, Sketch Method bring a new attitude to the punk sound while staying true to the no holds barred ethos of the genre.

After sharing the stage with power house acts such as Lagwagon, Regurgitator and Bodyjar, they have released their new single "Charm Offensive". A song about our politicians’ propensity to appeal to the voters via personality and status rather than policy and action. 

Featuring driving rhythms, catchy hooks,and a few sneaky diminished 5ths, Charm Offensive is a reflection of the band's maturing style and attitude.

Set to hit stages all over the country through February & March to coincide with the launch of their upcoming EP, Sketch Method are ready to bring their unique blend of punk and hardcore to the masses. 

Check out the new single on all platforms now!

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