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80 Antares Cres

Giralang ACT, 2617
Tel: 0424 406 955


Mon - Thurs: 9am - 10pm

​​Fri - Sun : 10am - 1am

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In 2013, our founder decided it was time to make something new in the Canberra music scene. It started by going to shows, taking photos, and pestering the hell out of people on facebook to come to the next one.


Now, after five years, a sound engineering diploma, a name change, 7 separate PA systems, and a thousand blown speakers, The Noise Floor produces some of the best and most memorable shows in the area.

The Noise Floor's little niche scene was never so much about being the most popular band in the area, or playing the headline slot. It's about sharing your drum kit with a band from Melbourne, (who probably drove up after work in a shitty hatchback) Supporting artists that would do the same for you in their town. Spilling your beer in the front row. Hanging out with your mates in the crowd.


It's the attitude of the people in the scene, and their undying love for being a part of this industry, no matter who thinks it's cool. No matter what.

It's your scene, let's make it the best it can be.

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