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Canberra artists rule. here's some to watch in 2021

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

The the live scene in Canberra has been getting pretty stale since March, and it seems a lot of people have had their heads in the sand for new music, myself Included. That's not really surprising though, considering people are advocating for injecting bleach into their bloodstreams, and we still hate people with different colour skin. Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah! I really miss gigs, and it's easy to think that the lack of live music somehow correlates with an absence of new music, but that just hasn't been the case.

While many of us have been dormant in the lockdowns, a bunch of bands and artists have been smashing out some incredible music, and started gearing up for big releases and tours, ready for 2021, or whenever this coronavirus garbage fucks off. So, here's a few local things I've heard this year, and considered good enough to badger you into listening to as well.

Hopefully, eventually, we can mingle safely, and realise what it is we loved about live music pre lockdowns, and really come together for what used to be such a flourishing scene.

If you can't be fucked, or don't care for my opinions, listen to this playlist, and for fuck's sake, follow it, and follow the bands you like as well. It helps so much more than you'd think...


Groovy Daughter - HARSH

This track dropped like 2 weeks ago, and I haven't stopped listening since. The chorus/hook is unrelenting, and her ability to layer vocals is incredible. The production on this track reminds me a bit of a lot of late 90s pop, which is in no way a bad thing, its just really well done. It's anxious, insecure, and vulnerable, but it's just put together so well. It's so damn good.

St. Sinner - Mr Prime Minister

I've been following Rory's music and songwriting for a little while and above else, he's all in. It's really refreshing to see someone mixing the new with the old, and he's pulled together a great band of musicians to realise it. It's fun as hell. I can't wait to see this live.

The track has just hit 15k streams, which is well deserved, and at 10k, they had this to say: "Mr. Prime Minister is about so much more than scomo. It’s about the energy of a generation who want change."

FFO Electric Sixx - Gay Bar.

Pure Hazel - Life Jacket

There's a lot of great acoustic guitar singer songwriters out there, and even with a great song, it takes a lot of thought and planning to stand in front of the crowd. There's ten or so songs on this playlist that fall into this category, and they're all good, but the way this track swells really gets me. It's subjective i know, but write your own fucking blog. I like this one.

Buy this, or their other track "Poison" on Bandcamp, or borrow it on spotify or wherever you do your streaming as well.

The Burley Griffin - Make It Right

Evan is, in my opinion, Canberra's greatest sadboi songwriter. He's also by far the best dancer. By Far. Holy shit, them moves on stage. If you haven't experienced peak Evan Buckley in interpretive dance mode, sort your life out.

Musically though, Evan can explain feeling in a song like almost no-one else, and can transport your mood in a verse and a chorus, leaving the rest of the song for you to swoon and wish you could dance with half as much energy or vigour. 10/10. Buy It on Bandcamp.

Lily Morris - Grand Illusions

One of Braidwood's finest, Lily continues to surprise me with heartfelt lyrics, and just the right amount of country influence. It's DIY at it's very best. I'm really keen to see what comes in 2021...

FFO Courtney Barnett, The Waifs.

Endrey - Insane

I've had the pleasure of working with Endrey only a few times, but each time is a new experience. Another great selection of Canberra finest musicians, working perfectly together to bring the best of his songwriting.

Check out the Endrey's "Maneki Session" coming soon to our youtube.

I'd love to write more, and I should, but I've had a few beers now, and you should probably make your own decisions...

There's heaps more on this playlist. Do yourself and the bands a favour, follow it here. If you must, check it in embedded form here:

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