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New Box Dye on JJJ Unearthed

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Local alt-punks Box Dye are only a few gigs deep and are already making a big dent in the music scene. Even with COVID-19 restrictions in force, they've still managed to score a spot on a recent "BMA Magazine's We Love Canberra 2020 Playlist".

Since forming, the 3 piece have played a small slew of shows with local acts and interstate touring bands alike, and have scooped up everyone in their path, turning them into raving fans, and leaving haters in their dust.

Their newest single Julia is available on Triple J Unearthed, and it seems Box Dye are one bad government decision from becoming our generation's Bikini Kill or Joan Jet & The Blackhearts. At the rate scomo is going, the future of Canberra's indie punk scene looks good.

The Box Dye machine is getting bigger and stronger with every gig, and their live performance is second only to their songwriting. Do not sleep on this band. They will crush you along their path to greatness.

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