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Thoughts, Prayers and a playlist update

Yo, firstly a shoutout to a few venues and promoters working hard to provide new local music to punters through this absolute shitstorm of a pandemic, and providing a platform for new and up-and-coming artists to share their craft... Like ducks on a lake, there's a lot more going on under the surface than meets the eye. So if you haven't already, go check out Undine Records, Homegrown Sounds, Sideway, Gang Gang, and Smokey Horse out in Braidwood!

It's also great to see others in the area with the unrelenting passion required to keep it all going. Venues like Smiths, The Polo, and The Basement, who did it so well they made it look like there was no pandemic, despite the shifting goal posts. These venues (and all the others of course) are the backbone of our community, so thanks for sticking around.

Spotify new local additions:

St Sinner - Dead For The Weekend

This is the second track I've heard from St Sinner this year, and their production value is already up there with the greats. It's like Panic! At The Disco's glory years meets Arctic Monkeys, with just a little more saturation. Is Dance-Punk a genre yet?

Following up from their incredibly successful debut single Mr Prime Minister, Dead For The Weekend bursts forward with so much energy I can only wonder how long it will take for St Sinner to hit the top. Great stuff.

Betty Alto - Two Steps

A bit of an all-star cast of incredible Canberra musicians, Betty Alto are becoming famously guilty of songs that flow like a steam train into a house of cards. Nice riffs, great tones, and that vocal that just eats into my core. Such an incredible live band too. This tune slaps.

I can't wait for the single launch party! Feb 26 at The Polo with Kim Yang, and PunchJoy.

Pheno & Patricia Piccinni - We Are The Skywhales

Pheno has been around long enough to know what's what in pop. Teaming up with Patricia Piccinni for We are the Skywhales, the team have created almost 6 minutes of head in the clouds (see what I did there?) pop anthem goodness. It's dreamy, and etherial, and if the Canberra hot air ballooning community ever make a movie, where the skywhales are the heroes (it might happen) This would obviously be the theme song.

The Burley Griffin - Hong Kong

I can almost never decide between being happy or sad while listening to The Burley Griffin, but if it is the latter, it's definitely the happiest I've been feeling sad. Hong Kong breaks your heart but still makes you feel ok somehow. Yet another example of incredible musicians combining their talents to bring outstanding songwriting to the top of the world. Drink it in!

There's a bunch of other new Canberra music on this playlist. Lap it up.

Heard something new from Canberra? Let us know!

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