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Semen & Garfuckel - 7am - Live On A log

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Semen & Garfuckel aren't your average acoustic duo. In fact they aren't your average anything! Fast guitars, quick wit, and a scathing tongue leave you wondering what the fuck happened, and you can get it to happen again. They're a fully fledged 2 piece acoustic punk band that require no more than half an hour and an audience.

Their songs range from stories about shitty housemates, (we're all guilty) to how Zane enjoys sushi just a little too much, and everything in between. Knowing this, I was both surprised, and excited the first time i heard a demo of 7am: A heartfelt ballad that describes the feeling of anguish cast upon us during a near death experience of a loved one. It really struck a chord with me in just how easily the things we take for granted can be taken away.

The song has become a staple across Canberra's Folk Punk scene, and an absolute crowd favourite. There's rarely a lineup that doesn't feature Kate and Zane singing "i'm afraid to lose you" together, in a perfect harmony that sends chills down my spine to this day.

I'm super stoked to have had Semen & Garfuckel on the log playing this track, and can't wait to hear new stuff from these guys.

Follow S&G on facebook.

Check out their demo recordings here.

Rate them on Unearthed here.

Check out Kate's posts & reviews here.

The Live On A Log team are: 

 Adam Thomas (Camera) 

Alix Bateup (Camera)

Myles Wrigley (Audio) 

Joel Cabban (Camera/Post)

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