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Red City Radio & No Trigger Announce Aussie Tour!

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Tickets on sale now below!!

Earlier this year, we reviewed a great EP by Red City Radio titled "Sky Tigers." A posi-punk EP drenched in huge harmonies and good vibes. We had high hopes that they would tour it here, and now, thanks to Blood Sweat & Beers, and Willie The Boatman, its all happening!

The Oklahoma City punks are playing 10 Australian shows, and dragging No Trigger and Idle Threat along for eight of them (facebook event links below):

  • Jan 23 - Crown & Anchor Hotel, Adelaide TICKETS

  • Jan 24 - Amplifier, Perth TICKETS

  • Jan 25 - Crowbar, Brisbane TICKETS

  • Jan 26 - Factory Floor, Sydney TICKETS

  • Jan 27 - Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle TICKETS

  • Jan 30 - Transit Bar, Canberra - TICKETS

  • Jan 31 - The Chippo Hotel, Sydney (RCR Only) TICKETS

  • Feb 1 - Brisbane Hotel, Hobart TICKET INFO SHORTLY!

  • Feb 2 - The Reverence Hotel, Melboune TICKETS

  • Feb 3 - The Old Bar, Melbourne (RCR Only) TICKETS

The tour has been a long time coming, and when asked why they tour so much, vocalist Garrett Dale told Jaded in Chicago "I’m overwhelmed with positive vibes every night when people can take the songs that we sing home with them and mend that in with wonderful times in their lives. In that way, not only our band, but all bands…you’re able to heal the fuckin’ human spirit. As a music fan, I understand that completely."

For you who haven't heard of No Trigger, here's a quick piece of advice: "Get your tickets today." This melodic hardcore outfit form Massachusetts formed in 2000, and have been going hard ever since developing a reputation for their live energy. With 18 years and a new 4-track EP titled "Adult Braces" under their belt, No Trigger's second ever visit to our shores will definitely not be one to miss. Check out "Adult Braces" here.

Whats to be said about the fastest rising heavy band in Australia? Idle Threat are a prefect mix of punk, metalcore, and comedy, and play with more energy than any other band out of Sydney, possibly the world. They have played a bunch of shows up and down the east coast this year, and also scored a spot on the Blood Sweat and Beers 9 festival lineup, among The Bennies, Outright, and Nerdlinger to name a few. They also released their debut LP "Rope Burn" on some amazing coloured vinyl! Buy it here and follow them here!

January 23 - Crown & Anchor Hotel, Adelaide January 24 - Amplifier, Perth January 25 - Crowbar, Brisbane January 26 - Factory Floor, Sydney January 27 - Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle January 30 - Transit Bar, Canberra January 31 - Chippo Hotel, Sydney (Red City Radio Only) February 1 - Brisbane Hotel, Hobart More details coming soon February 2 - Reverence Hotel, Melbourne February 3 - Old Bar, Melbourne ( Red City Radio Only)

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