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No Front Fences 2019

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

I spent the whole weekend setting up, packing down, and mixing some amazing bands. I wrote some notes. Here they are:

Friday night.

Plastic plants. Songs about robots, the internet and God. They powered through the set and have come so far since last time I saw them at the phoenix, when the drums were falling apart under Bene. Real nice!

Amends are the perfect blend of punk and country.

Helena Pop... Look. I've mixed this band a hundred times, and they still surprise me every time. Closing their set with crowd favourite "Punk's Dead", but reworked into a disco song? It was a highlight for me, and I'll forever respect the way they change their music up to keep it interesting for everyone, including themselves.

Buddy Dingo Went from a bunch of sheepish blokes talking about bad haircuts, and fish and chips dates, into a Chili Peppers vibe funk bridge. Then they went back to songs about Neranderra, Parramatta Eels, and being an adult, hat tipping to Billy Bragg. Indie bogans. Terrific. I think they have flap hats for sale. Classic.

Sputnik Sweetheart: I've been waiting to catch this band a while. It's always nice for my first impression to be from behind the mixing desk, maybe I pay a bit more attention to all the parts? Anyways, Great new band, they're adding all the things lazy bands leave out, and it shows. Nervous as hell, but still willing to throw it all at every show. "Let's get a clap going......... Ha! I've never done that before"

I'm very much looking forward to working with this band again.

Saturday Night:

Video Breezy opened up the show to a good crowd and did what they do: shoegazy kinda indy pop, with a lot of reverb. They've tightened up their sound since I saw them last, copped a Ceres and Cayetana vibe during their new stuff.

Nothing Really were something, really. I spent far too much of their set chasing problems with the foldback system, but they were quite nice.

The Bouys:



Sydney, what you lack in political prowess, you have in musical wizardry. Can we please have more bands like this. Harmonies for days, songs the band care about, friendly humans. I might just buy some merch.(I didn't, and I really regret it) Go watch the "makes it clear" video and try not to vomit.

Slagatha Christie: There's not much I can say about Slagatha Christie that I haven't already said. They blend indie and punk, and they're about my favourite Canberra band of all time.

Mere women: This band was amazing. From their sound check, to their stage performance. All round fantastic band. Loved it.


Ghost gum opened. It was perfect. Their two vocals combined, just sat so beautifully with the trees and good vibes. Great songwriting. I want to go on more, but I'm doing this on the fly.

Hedy Blazer: New stage names, same great music. Alternative music needs more strings.

Paint store filled in for Girl Germs and were great replacement. What a great way to start their career, with their first public performance and a hundred mates, having a good time. Pat's guitar work is great.

Married man made their first trip out of Sydney this weekend and played one of the best sets of the weekend. Great band. I have a lot of time for Marnie's drumming. I hope I get to work with with them again soon.

Lande had not long finished a tour with Muncie girls a couple of weeks ago, so it was a real treat to have her back for a set as the rain was closing in. Fuck Jeremy Clarkson. Great set.

Treehouses closed the show by blowing my mind. I'd booked them a few times at Transit in the past, but This was the first time I'd mixed them. They've spent a lot of time making their live show exactly what it is. They just play so well together.

I also had a couple of really good hotdogs on Sunday. Go check out Lousy Hunters Food Co.

Then we packed everything up and went home to sleep for 18,000 hours. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Mulgara for all of the work behind the scenes.

See you next year.

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