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Helena Pop - Little Thunder The Wonder Car - Live On A Log

Video #8 - Helena Pop!  - Little Thunder The Wonder Car - January 14, 2018

Super stoked to have Jack, Ella, and Ben from Helena Pop on the log for this acoustic version of their track "Little Thunder, The Wonder Car," and it's been a log time coming!

Our walk up the hill was somewhat different today, as there was a storm brewing. Instead of a dry, unrelenting sun, the air was thick, and the birds sang a different song, but enough about the weather... We got set up quickly as we had also brought the Jim Dusty Trio along with us as well, (you can read about that in the next post) and we had a lot to do before the storm hit, as well as play with Alix & Myles' new drone,  of course.

Jack writes intelligent, heartfelt songs, often in weird tunings, which seems to help to keep the creative process so unique. Helena Pop's songs are honest, and unapologetic. Even if they're just about "living in a city where you have to drive around everywhere." Their live dynamic can flatten a room and explode it in the same song, and as often as they end a song in silence, they'll end one with a roar. If you haven't checked these guys out yet, put it on your list!

Helena Pop have a new EP coming soon, Recorded with Louis Montgomery at Infidel Studios. The first single, "How to do a FOLEY break and repair yourself" will be available Feb 2 on their Bandcamp, and Spotify, and they'll be touring soon!

For more tour info follow Helena Pop on Facebook.

The Live On A Log team are: 

Adam Thomas (Camera) 

Alix Bateup (Camera)

Myles Wrigley (Audio) 

Joel Cabban (Camera/Post)

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