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Review - Hanny J - Possessions

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

While Clowns' new single "I shaved my legs for this" is arguably their best single in recent years, Hanny J has proven that she has more than just anger in her repertoire, and her new EP "Possessions" is 5 tracks of heartfelt gold. I grabbed a bottle of red, sat down, and had a whole lot of feels...

Hanny's vocal harmonies throughout Brother were the first thing I noticed, and, while I was listening for something familiar towards the end of the opening track, the EP "Possessions" opened up in front of me.

I'm struck so hard by her honesty in her sentimental storytelling, and by mid way through the second track, Thumbs For Breakfast, I had the lyrics burned into my head: "I wish I could read your mind, feels I'm illiterate when it comes to mine” and I'm reminded of the frustration and self doubt of collapsing relationships.

Trying To Get By follows a similar, heavy vein, channeling feelings like depression, loneliness, and sadness in the loss of close friends. The delivery of the line "It's hard to get by knowing the people that make me want to live want to die" hurts. It brings up some heavy shit, and it's this delivery, complimented by the mix of instruments that make this track my favourite on the EP. That overdriven lead over raw acoustic guitar just drives with the drum beat, and the vocal harmonies take it home!

Draw the Line comes through without the opportunity for breath, and while I'm still recovering from the previous tracks, Hanny's acoustic guitar leads the band to the closing track of the album. In another great example of the prowess of the Melbourne based singer songwriter.

Days Felt Like Years brings the mood up slightly with the guitar and drum beat, but hits us in the feels again with her words. Reminding us how important it is to take others' perspectives and feelings into account. and gives us enough closure on the EP to land Possessions by Hanny J a solid 8.5/10.

Recorded By Greg Jard. Featuring Jake Laderman, and Lucy Waldron to name just a few.

Grab it on Bandcamp or check it out on Spotify!

Follow Hanny J on Facebook for more, or catch her playing Gingerfest at ANU on Saturday December 15, with Hightime, Jeff Rosenstock, Bodyjar plus so much more!

Tickets here.

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