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Ess-Em Touring in June!

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Photo by: Chantel Bann Photography

Essem played the first ever Canberra "Get Folk Punked" show solo a couple of weeks ago, and while we were driving home from the Transit Bar, I said, "I can't wait to hear your songs in full band mode!"

Knowing the release date announce was only days away, she replied:"Okay, check this out," and proceeded to plug her phone into the car stereo.

She loaded up the first single "$18.50." I'd only heard it a handful of times live, so I wasn't really sure what to expect, but at 2am in a haze of drunken singalongs I knew this was going to be massive!

The EP came out on Friday, accompanied by a show at The H Live in Sutherland with a host of so enough bands and solo acts to poke a stick at! (or whatever that reference means) and the EP has been on my spotify about 4 times a day since. It's got horns, its got pop punk stops, and most importantly, some of the harshest quips this side of the last good NoFX record.

Essem's lyrics are heartfelt, witty, and honest, yet still so tongue-in-cheek. She doesn't give a fuck what you think, and the lines are sunk into melodies that you won't soon forget. But more about that in our review post.

The 5 piece consists of some Sydney heavyweights from the likes of The Bottlers and Dividers (to name just a few) and depending on where you are on the Plan B Tour may feature any of the following legends backing Essem on keys, and lead vocals: Billy (lost in line) on acoustic guitar, Mitch (dividers) on drums, Pauly /Jake on bass/double bass, Olga (bottlers) on violin, and Dave Berry (STFU) on trombone.

The Tour kicked off on Friday, and looks something like this:

More info here:

Check out Essem's track "Refund Policy" Live on a Log here.

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