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6 tracks you snoozed on in 2018

Maybe its just my old man blood, but has anyone else noticed that almost all the best music just flies under the radar for most people?

I don't know if its relevant or not, but there's a lot of shows every weekend in every capital city, across a lot of venues, so maybe we just don't go to enough random shows to hear our brand new favourite bands?

I spent a lot of time either mixing bands, booking bands, or touring with my band, so I managed to catch a plethora of amazing Australian acts either for the first time, so here's some that put out incredible music this year:

The Suicide Tuesdays - Beer Whiskey, Friends and Regrets

This Is For You, Jan 2018

This whole album was a roller coaster of emotions, (we reviewed it here) and it was really hard to pick a favourite track between this and Blood on Your Hands, but Beer, Whiskey, Friends and Regrets really took it home when they played NotFest666 in November, and half the people in the room were in tears.


Helena Pop - How to do a Foley Break and Repair Yourself

You Said You Loved Them, March 2018

I've known Jack for a long time, and watching his playing and songwriting change over time has been an absolute pleasure.

Helena Pop's latest EP was an absolute cracker, copping a lot of love from us here, and this track is no different. It's got the claps, the sing-alongs, weird shit, and some of the best metaphors I've ever heard. I'me really keen to hear more from these legends.


Slagatha Christie - Lionel

Thomas The Skank Engine, Nov 2018

Slagatha Christie manage to put so much emotion into their music on stage, and every time I watch them live, I love this song just a little bit more.

It sucks to feel alone and dejected, and this song just hits that spot. I love how it gears up in the last verse, and then collapses with exhaustion.

Seriously, go check out this entire EP, there's some amazing pozi-vibes sounding music on it, and some really important messages.


Nat Vazer - Keep Away From Parks

We Used To Have Real Conversations, Sept 2018

Keep Away From Parks has that amazing chorus that feels like it keeps building forever, and a message that I think everyone should hear.

Women not being able to walk alone or speak up for fear of violence is not ok. While this post is supposed to be about the music, the message presents a real problem as far as I'm concerned.

I never thought a pop song like this would stick with me, but Nat Vazer has done just that with this track. Check it out.


Hanny J - Thumbs For Breakfast

Possessions, Sept 30 2018

This was by far my favourite acoustic release of the year (read all about it here), and while i only caught her live once at Gingerfest, it was so great to hear it stripped back to an acoustic guitar, vocals, and a bunch of drunk people singing along to "why the fuck would i stay!"

Thumbs For Breakfast just has so much to give, it's so heartfelt. Every time you listen to it there's something new and interesting in the mix. If it wasn't for the rest of the EP, it would literally be on repeat forever.


Flangipanis - Shitty Amps

Always The Bridesmaid, April 2018

Look, I'm biased as fuck here because I got to spend a week on tour with these legends, but this track just rules. Something about this whole album meant I've had it on repeat almost forever since, and I'm still not even nearly sick of it.

Watching the band play this song night after night in the same home made bridesmaids dresses, to great crowds, just made it for me.

I've even got a stupid tattoo organised about this song: Ain't no thing that gaff can't fix"

Sue me.


I'm aware that this is only 6, and there were hundreds of bands that did good shit, but this is what I could remember right now.

Who'd I miss? Comment below if you want, or whatever.

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