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Review: Helena Pop! Single Launch with Slagatha Christie/ Good Pash/ H. 8-Feb-2018

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to the Polish White Eagle Club, to a very well promoted single launch (thanks primarily to supporting band/meme lords Slagatha Christie), for Canberra supergroup Helena Pop and their new single ‘How to do a FOLEY break and repair yourself’.

Opening act H. were absolutely stunning bathed in low lights as they played songs from their first release 26 Letters, interwoven with some songs that suggest potential new stuff from Heti soon! One track in particular to watch out for is Georgina, a hauntingly heartbreaking tune that I can’t wait to hear again. The crowd were transfixed, with many seated on the floor, the stage high above them. Couples were putting arms around each other and holding hands as Heti’s lyrics of love and loss washed over us, perfectly matched with Marcella's violin. H. closed with their nostalgic track Passion Pop, the conclusion to a brilliant set. We are so lucky that even though they’re Sydney based now, we still see a lot from H. I can’t wait for a new release!

Good Pash, also Sydney based were up next. I haven’t seen them before but got real Riot Grrrl/Babes in Toyland vibes from them during their first couple of songs. Guitarist, Maddy started singing on their third track, and really built their performance. I loved her cool Amy Winehouse style vocals and then when her and Anna sang together it sounded really great! An interesting part of the set was when they sang a song dedicated to astrology, and it seems they pick a different starsign to focus on each time they perform it. Unfortunately for me, this time it was dedicated to all the Sagittarius’s in the house, of which this stubborn Aries is not. I still rate Good Pash as a good time though!

Up next were good pals, and catchy riff writers, Slagatha Christie. The Slags had everybody up and dancing, enjoying themselves completely! Go and check out The Slag Sessions, if you want to hear what you missed, but I’d recommend coming to their next show. These guys are improving dramatically from when their drummer Stephen had only just started sitting behind a kit, and whilst they’ve always been fun live, their stage presence is really building. It’s worth seeing! My housemates and I were humming the hook from their song “Sein-feels” for days, and we weren't even mad.

Finally, with Christmas lights adorning the stage, and a hush falling over the room. Dan took to the piano as the smoke machine created a gentle ambience. One by one, the members of Helena Pop took to the stage, then frontman Jack emerged complete with stage persona, AKA a box on his head. Which he promptly took off and launched into their first song...

...The room felt electric, people were clearly so happy to be there, shouting word for word back to the band and blasting their Helena Pop limited edition kazoos. Which by the way, are arguably the best piece of merchandise I’ve seen, and made a huge impact during their song “That’s One Strange Love” when the crowd became honorary band members honking along with Jack. Is that the sound a kazoo makes, a honk? Let me know in the comments if you’d describe it differently.

Something that was noted to me after the show, that I think is worth saying here is how dynamic of a band these guys are. They are very good at orchestrating their music to swell and build. The show was absolutely awesome. Eventually we came to the song of the night, new release “How to do a FOLEY break and repair yourself”. However the crowd weren’t satisfied, and as the band left the stage, the cries for more came thick and fast. Fortunately, the band were happy to oblige and we were treated to an encore of, “Naked,” and after a night that wholesome, I can only hope that quite a few people went home and got naked with someone that they like!

For more information and some seriously good music:

Helena Pop - Facebook | Bandcamp

Good Pash - Facebook

Slagatha Christie - Facebook | Bandcamp

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