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Why is Gingerfest so important to the punk community?

Almost 5 years ago, Nicholas Sofer Schreiber aka The Ginger Ninja was killed, and the Canberra punk community lost its biggest fan. But this festival is not to mark his death. Gingerfest was built to celebrate the life and community around punk rock's little brother: A mate with an insatiable appetite for live music.

Nicky was, without question, the most dedicated fan of the punk rock genre, and had always wanted to make a punk rock festival called Gingerfest, so, it was only fitting that this festival be born in his honour. Showcasing bands like The Porkers, Clowns, The Hard Aches, as well as reformations of old favourites such as Lamexcuse and Epic Flagon, Gingerfest has become an iconic get-together of mates, and this year's festival is no exception!

This year, MOLO Live will be hosting the inaugural event, with Australian punk rock royalty Bodyjar headlining, among some of the best Australian and international acts around to date.

So come celebrate what would have been Nicky's 32nd Birthday this Saturday at MOLO Live at ANU. Share a beer and a story, and watch some killer live bands and solo acts over two stages.

Set times are as follows:


1615-1640 - Sketch Method

1700-1725 - Ebolagoldfish

1745-1810 - Nerdlinger

1830-1900 - Lincoln Le Fevre and the Insiders

1920-1950 - Bagster 

2010-2040 - Epic Flagon

2100-2140 - Hightime

2200-2240 - Jeff Rosenstock Band

2300-0000 - Bodyjar


1640-1700 - Ben The Red

1725-1745 - Billy Demos

1810-1830 - Donny McFadden

1900-1920 - Dan Potthast

1950-2010 - Vetty Vials

2040-2100 - Hanny j

With sponsorship from Six-String Brewing Co, Canberra Backline, and yours truly. Tix here.

Ted Danson.

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