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Sketch Method

“Gladys” was created in the leadup to Premier Berejiklians “war on music festivals,” and in just over 24 hours, it snowballed into a three minute title-fight of fury aimed directly at the current state of music in New South Wales. In the height of what will arguably go down in the biggest political mistake in the history of music in Australia, the band’s response was simple: “ it’s up to us to take action. There’s no room for fence sitters. This is our music industry, and we need to protect it!” 

In a time where our leaders are more concerned with their future than ours, “Gladys” is a spit in the face of our country’s current politics, and a solid bookmark in Sketch Method’s no-holds-barred political songwriting style

After a seemingly relentless schedule across the last 18 months, Canberra punks Sketch Method’ have kicked it up a gear for 2019. Releasing and touring their new single “Gladys” across Indonesia and the east coast of Australia, returned to the studio making new music for release in October, and pounding the pavement filming a clip for the aforementioned single...

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