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Sideway Band Night with Nina Leo, Parrots With Piercings, Box Dye 29/1/21

Since the addition of Sideway’s Thursday band nights, people have been flooding in every week to catch great live music. Previous band nights have seen Sunday Sojourn, Slagatha Christie, Swansink and The Dirty Sunflowers, to name a few. This last Thursday I caught Nina Leo, Parrots With Piercings and Box Dye. Sideway’s cosy warm character provided the perfect sanctuary from the cold wet night outside.

Solo venture of singer/songwriter Jaclyn Konst, Nina Leo has been busy in the past months performing and releasing her ‘Bedroom Sessions’. Former singer and guitarist of recently separated band ‘The Differs’, Nina’s set consisted of songs old and new. We got more than we hoped for when the rest of ‘The Differs’ joined the stage to open with fan favourite ’Spellbound’. From there Nina hopped between tender solo moments and adaptions of her songs with the full band present. Very fittingly Nina & Co came through with a Fleetwood Mac homage of ‘Rhiannon’ before showcasing an infectious new song ‘Fool’, which led to some pretty dangerous moves being carved on the dance floor. The perfect energy to welcome the next act.

Despite Parrots with Piercings having had their name on more bills than I can count, this was my first time seeing these scene veterans. The two piece smashed through a good forty-five minutes of blistering high octane tunes, with so much inbetween-song-banter they could have a talk show. Parrots provided a stark reminder of just how raw and anarchic a two piece can be. Constantly border lining volatility and excellence, Parrots with Piercings do it really well. More dangerous moves were carved as Dave’s killer footwork switched between guitar and bass rigs on stage. We got a quick string change, a song about spaghetti and before we knew it was time for Box Dye, time flies…

There isn’t much I can say about Box Dye that I haven’t already said to anyone who will listen. They write great songs, they are super fun, and Mel, Myles and Alice can hit some serious harmonies. Pair that with the occasional song about hating your rich Gran and you couldn’t possibly ask for more. To start off they tore through some Box Dye classics, including debut single ‘Julia’, before getting to brand new track, ’Resting Bitch Face’. The genuine joy of friends performing together made evident by the punters enjoyment and growing evolvement with each song. And for every move made on the floor seemingly came a new broken glass. Nearing the end we got a song about the fires last summer, some lethal cowbell action and an inevitable encore. With their sweltering cover of Weetus’ ’Teenage Dirtbag’ Box Dye rounded out the night and said goodnight. A perfect evening.

5/5 smashed wine glasses

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