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Sesame Girl ‘Get Up’ Single Launch w/ Underlay & Miroji 7/5/21

All photos by Zosia Francka

Over the last few years of playing and attending shows, The Polish Club has remained a fixture in the music scene. I have such fond memories there. With charming character from room to room it’s hard not to love the place. The alluring European beers, the cascading architecture of the reddish brown roof and now, the addition of a big bright colourful neon light that marks the entrance “Live at the Polo”. Like moths we flock toward it, and stand out in the cold. Many did just that the other week for Sesame Girl and their sold out ‘Get Up’ single launch. A well crafted line up of local and interstate acts, it seemed that Sesame Girl had put a great deal of effort into creating a unique and memorable show. Arming the door, Gus handed out wristbands to ticket holders while those unlucky enough to miss out turned back into the night. A beautifully elaborate floral display was spread across the front of stage while a giant banner on the back wall suitably blazoned the words ‘Fuckin Sesame Girl’. Dressed with The Polo’s iconic tyvek bracelet I wandered to the stage for Miroji.

Providing the perfect entrance to the evening, Indie-Pop duo Miroji layered lush pop production with stunning vocal melodies that had everyone on their feet from the first note. Poem based ‘Pulse’ gilded fluidly between soft chords and the driving melody of the chorus. Mixing in some undisclosed samples, Miroji introduced ‘Where You’re Wrong’, the title track off their debut EP. Previously unknown to me, Miroji instantly seized my interest and hooked me in with their lively bass heavy tracks. Voicing some nostalgic 80’s elements Miroji closed out their set with ‘Satisfied Minds’, a track they had only finished the previous night. Reflected in their music, their bright and fun demeanour created an enjoyable space to warm up the crowd.

Equipped with a very stylish beret and black stetson, Newcastle’s Underlay laid down a dreamy blend of guitar and keys that slotted them perfectly between the styles of Mijori and Sesame Girl. The circling keyboard line of ‘Sleep Talking’ sat steadily above guitar and provided a stark reminder that more songs need synth. The accompanied vocals gave way to quick bursts of melodic lead that pumped throughout each song. Following a quick break for some attempted joke making, a spiritus rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ was delivered for guitarist Jesse. Keeping up the energy until they reached their final song, the lone guitar intro joined a pass of xylophone before evolving into the hard hitting chorus which led them off stage. Underlay’s interstate trip allowed for a lot of first time viewers and I’m sure a lot of us can’t wait for their next trip down.

Primed from the previous acts, the crowd happily welcomed Sesame Girl to the stage. Donning his trademark blue tracksuit, Blake counted Sesame Girl into their opening jam. Proceeding the stabbing chords of the opening track came the dreamy melodies of ‘Hawaii’. A wistful tune well known to frequent gig goers, singer Heather took great delight in pointing out audience members while she sang parts of the verse. What is the meaning of it? No clue, but we loved it. Retaining the energy from the previous songs, the howling chorus of my personal favourite, ‘Pavement’ pumped along thanks to the drive of the bass and drums. A hopeful taste of their looming EP, the tender and melancholy ‘Leave’ was echoed back by all Sesame fans that filled the space. Needing no introduction, the dissonant picked riff instantly recognisable as Weezer’s ‘Sweater Song’ was received with cheer and quickly the room filled with chants of the chorus and backing vocals. Oo Woo Oooo. Saying their goodbyes Sesame Girl launched into debut single, ‘Get Up’. Forming a wash of hair and hands, the jubilant audience littered the stage with cheers and shouts. All too eager for ‘one more song’ the show closed on a high and Sesame Girl said goodnight.

Pouring out the entrance doors, everyone corralled outside. Soon to be discarded or suffer a lengthy demise, the remaining yellow wristbands indicated those who had made it in or not. Another great night at The Polish Club. Serving as a reminder not to drink outside, you couldn't complete The Polo experience without a staff member pouring a sacrificial beer down the drain. It would simply be bad luck if it didn’t happen. If this launch is anything to go by, I’d say Sesame Girl’s sold out status is a fine indication as to where they are headed. Keep them in your sights and I’ll catch you at the next show!

80/80 stylish yellow wristbands

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