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New Canberra music Playlist August 2021

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

It's been a while since I've done one of these, so you'll have to bear with my lack of live music, and therefore music motivation while i go back on 6 months of my favourite new releases that I've added between now and then... or if you'd prefer to not read me yammer on, you can just skip to the music here... Otherwise, here's some of my favourite tracks added to the playlist over the last few months:

Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers - AHHHH!!

I've gotta start here because holy shit this band has taken off. Their new music is fresh and clean, retains the honesty it had in 2018 while bringing through so much more songwriting maturity. It seems like a lifetime since I first saw them live at The Phoenix, but one thing's clear: Distorted guitars are coming back in a big way.

Helena Pop - Better Homes & Gardens

Remember that show? Remember that theme song? I do. All smiles and happy families. Jack Livingston remains one of my favourite Canberra songwriters, and his take on relationships is so insightful. The keys and bass really work together on this track, the backing vox and guitars, and that snare driving it all forward? *chefs kiss*.

What a great band.

Box Dye - State Of Emergency

The second single from Box Dye takes a slight turn from "Julia" subbing out lead vocal duties from drummer Alice to guitarist Mel. "State Of Emergency" is yet a another powerful track that bolsters this band as one of Canberra's greatest alternative bands. They've brought the punk attitude to the audience that needs to hear it, and they're playing it loud. This band is coming for you.

Their live set is not to be missed, and their stage presence and bass player Myles' dad jokes are definitely getting better. Sort of...

Zuko - This Woman Is A Sleeper

Canberra's pop music scene is thriving right now, yet it still feels somewhat underground. Perhaps it's the lack of live music? Or maybe I'm just way out of that loop.

Regardless, Zuko has been putting out some great tracks since their inception, and this one is no different. That guitar riff is catchy a hell, and anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for some sneaky hand claps.

Northbourne - Hideaway

Northbourne have been making waves on the Canberra live music circuit, bringing crowds that often rival bands playing much higher on their bills, which says two things to me: They're in it for the community and are willing to work for it; and that their music resonates with their fans.

Hideaway seems influenced by the 90s grunge wave, or perhaps from current bands that are influenced by the 90s grunge wave. Either way, I'm excited to see where this band goes next.

There's heaps more great tracks on the Canberra New Music Playlist, maybe I'll write more at a later date. Until then, check out the playlist, and give it a follow to stay up to date!


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