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Video - An Inconvenient Groove - When I Grow Up (Sex Machine)

A few weeks ago, Stephen from Slagatha Christie asked if I'd be interested in recording his funk band, to which I said "You're in a funk band?" before adding "Um, yeah of course I would!"

It wasn't that I have any kind of dislike for funk, but let's face it, there's just not a whole lot of funk bands getting around these days, let alone climate based funk bands. So I went to the Phoenix, and checked them out live. If you haven't done so already, CHECK THEM OUT LIVE! What a party! The band gels so well together, I was surprised to hear they'd only formed last year.

Rather than have me waffle on and make up a bunch of stories, I asked the band to give us a description of what they're all about:

"An Inconvenient Groove is Canberra’s foremost Climate Change conscious Funk band. Formed in 2017, the combined talents, funky rhythms and eco-musicality of the band have led to sold out gigs at the Phoenix Bar and sold out supporting shows at the Polish Club. "

"With 4/6 of the band hailing from regional New South Wales, Leon Sheldon (Keyboard), Nicola Mildred (Horns and Vocals), Stephen Watson (Horns and Vocals), Dominic Grehan (Bass), Nick Harrison (Drums) and Eamonn McNamara (Guitar and Vocals) bring a diverse set of personal backgrounds and musical interests to explosive and engaging live shows that lead audiences begging for more funky music - and more action on Climate Change. "

So we did some songs. You'll be able to hear the rest of the demos soon, but for now, there's this:

They are currently hard at work recording tracks for upcoming release and are looking forward to the opportunities of playing around Canberra in 2018, while also looking to play shows inter-state.

Check them out here: Facebook | Otagam

Picture supplied by Adam Thomas | Flickr | Patreon

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