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The Lazy Susans - RUOK? Live On A Log

Here it is! Season 2, Ep 3!

The Lazy Susans - "RUOK?" from their EP of the same name. (It's really good, buy it here)

Last time the band was in Canberra, we missed them on the tour with AJJ, so it was a great pleasure to have Tones and Kieren come up to our space and play a song for us on their latest lap around the country, this time touring with Ben David and Muncie Girls!

The Melbourne four piece play alt-emo songs of vulnerability, raw emotion, loss, and all those things in life we struggle to deal with sometimes, and while this version of "RUOK?"is serene and laid back, in full band mode, The Lazy Susans really are something else, and a live band to keep an eye out for.

If you're not heading out to Wooly Mammoth in Adelaide this year, they'll be back in Canberra on tour with Spiderbait Friday June 21 at UC Refectory. Facebook event here.

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