Lockdowns and social distancing have hit the Australian live music scene very hard - an industry that thrived on social interaction was reduced to nothing in days. The inability to tour has left bands and solo artists with almost no way to perform to their fans.

Instagram and Facebook Live performances have stepped into the breach and allowed artists to share music and connect with their audience in a new way, but it seems that live streaming may not just be a temporary solution, but a more permanent outlet for artists to embrace audiences across the world.

Enter The Maneki Sessions. A collaboration between Infidel Studios, The Noise Floor, and Foundation Media, The Maneki Sessions is an experiment to approach live streamed music in a different way.

In the coming months, on Thursday evenings, The Maneki Sessions will deliver a variety a of Australian artists, both well known and local favourites. Check out the Facebook event page for more info, or check out our previous videos below:

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